Vertigo Room

Knut Olaf Sunde & Cikada

2018 – MERE013

12″ vinyl with CD • Download • Streaming

Nominated to the Norwegian Spellemannsprisen Music Award 2018 in the category Contemporary.

Vertigo Room for string quartet and electronics was written for the Cikada string quartet by composer Knut Olaf Sunde in 2011.

The piece is hanging in patterns of differential tones and fragile, tiny geometrically plinking figures. The broad lines of a landscape is dragged into insisting harmonious fields, later to be processed and crumbled.  

Cikada String Quartet is internationally renowned for their work with expanding the scope of the string quartet, their openness and their precise and playful musicality. The string quartet members are Odd Hannisdal, Jon Mehus, Bendik Foss and Torun Stavseng.

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