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Mere Records will soon be back with a new site and many exciting new releases. Check back here shortly!

— the Mere team


MERE001 Risto Holopainen – Garbage Collection

MERE002 Jennifer Walshe – XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!

MERE003 Knut Olaf Sunde – But a Machine

MERE006 Terroristene – Steinalderen

MERE007 Ignas Krunglevicius – Confessions

MERE008 Kjell Samkopf – Burragorangian Stones

MERE009 Terroristene – Hei Bondevik

MERE010 Christian Blom – Lyriske Stykker

MERE012 Eivind Buene – Schubertlounge

MERE014 Christian Blom – Bring Me That Horizon


MERE is an incredibly small record label rooted in a strong will to make good music, that is music we like very much,  which is important, engaging and necessary, available to you.

MERE happened when the two composers Knut Olaf Sunde and Jørgen Karlstrøm by accident met in the door at Strype Audio”s mastering studio in november 2006. They exchanged standard, polite (as they are) phraces and chatted in a low-voiced, amused tone. So when the short conversation touched label ideas, Karlstrøm immediately advocated his interest and told Sunde if he needed someone, Karlstrøm would be the guy. After a week, they met and elaborated some ideas and established the label in January 2007. After a few cups of coffee, outline and detail planning, the first album could be released in September 2008.

MERE focuses on various expressions of art music, contemporary music, be it joyful or deadly serious, sound art and music leaning towards installation, theatre, visual arts or other ways MERE finds a lot more than average interesting, which is, in fact, quite a lot.

We hope you’ll enjoy the music we live for, and that your contact with us is smooth!

You can reach us a